(Bogolan = something made by using mud; fini = cloth)

Bogolanfini is an handmade Malian cotton Fabric produced by traditionally dying cotton fabric with fermented mud.  This Cloth is native to Mali and exported worldwide.

I am exploring the historical implication of Bogolanfini with reference to its unique patterns,how it occupies space and have become the identity of the eighth largest country in Africa. It is the symbol of Malian's Cultural identity.

The Kamissoko Family house with Bogolanfini Patterns all over the entrance.

A Blank Cloth just before Fermented mud is added through a series of processes to become Bogolanfini.

Ready to wear Bogolanfini

New Materials for Bogolanfini purchased at the popular  Artisana Market in Bamako

The Process of making Bogolanfini with Fermented mud.

The process of drawing Patterns with fermented mud

Clothes are soaked in a bath of dye from the leaves of the n’gallama tree and then painted in intricate motifs with a special fermented mud

Mr Kamissoko in his Family house at Bamako, He is seen wearing a piece of Bogolanfini

Motifs regularly seen on Bogolanfini. This Eagle represents Strength of the Malians.


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